A dream come true

These young people growing up in children’s homes are waiting to take their first steps towards their dream jobs.

Together with the non-profit organisation Nadání a dovednosti (talent and skills) KPMG Czech Republic wants to help pave their way. So this year, they will get lasting Christmas gifts. We’ll give them the chance to gain the experience they need to make their dreams come true.

And you can get involved, too.

Take a look at the story of any one of them.


Rebeca (16), Prague

Since my childhood I have been dreaming of being a psychologist.


Ladislav (18), Prague

In the future, I would like to open my own car repair shop.


Monika (21), Prague

My dream is to work as an animator.


Sára (17), Prague

I want to study at university. I would like to take an accounting course.


Nikola (15), Kroměříž

I dream of working in a car dealership.


Stanislav (18), Kroměříž

I dream about becoming a top chef.


Michal (19), Prague

I would like to become a computer game developer.


Tomáš (16), Prague

I want to be a successful webpage designer.


Adriana (16), Kroměříž

I want to help senior citizens.


Jitka (16), Kroměříž

I long to be useful and help other people.


Šárka (17), Česká Kamenice

I want to work in tourism.


Veronika (18), Jemnice

I believe I could be a great fitness trainer.


Tomáš (20), Jemnice

My dream is to get to develop interesting IT applications.


Kryštof (25), Prague

My dream is to one day own a successful IT business.


Matyáš (16), Prague

I would like to improve my English, because that’s something that I can use no matter what field I decide to go into.


Matěj (17), Prague

I think I’d enjoy being a computer application developer.


Kristýna (19), Kroměříž

I want to help children or seniors.


František (17), Česká Kamenice

I would like to become a beat boxer and to have my own recording studio.


Jiří (23), Jemnice

I want to work with children who like me had to grow up in a children's home.


Denisa (23), Kroměříž

I want to be a nutritionist.


Natálie (21), Kroměříž

I would like to have an interesting job in marketing.


Veronika (16), Kroměříž

I dream of becoming a popular TV host.


Lucie (18), Jemnice

I want to help those who didn't get to have a happy childhood.


Nikolas (17), Ústí nad Labem

I know that I one day will be a great car mechanic.

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A step in the right direction is crucial on the path to make one’s dreams come true.

Career advisor Nadání a dovednosti
(talent and skills)

Do you ever think about what you want to be when you grow up?

I really enjoy coding web pages, I could spend hours doing that.

OK, so how about finding out what this job looks like in practice?

In the course of the project Tomáš will get to take a look at several positions. For his future, getting to try out his dream job and gaining his first real-life practical experience will be enormously important.

During the Nadání a dovednosti workshop Tomáš and his peers will learn how to properly compose a successful CV.


You have been invited to a job interview!

Thanks to completing the programme, Tomáš has a much higher chance to succeed at the job interview.


Tomáš, you’re hired!

May Tomáš’s path towards his dream job be just as straightforward…


For Christmas Tomáš will get a IT course from KPMG Czech Republic.

Course voucher

Thank you for walking alongside Tomáš on the path towards his dream.

You too can help Tomáš, and the other young adults on their path towards their dream jobs. Offer an excursion, an expert presentation, shadowing or an internship in your firm.

Send an e-mail to info@nadaniadovednosti.cz.


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